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Illuminated Anatomy

Posted: April 19, 2012 in Uncategorized

We were given an assignment to create a light source utilizing things that we had learned previously in the class. The criteria :

  • Integrate Modular units
  • polyhedral structures
  • integrate a surface treatment
  • integrate a transition in scale

I began with visual research, and some material exploration. This type of research inspired me to use an anatomy book from the 1960s. It belonged to my boss’ husband. He saw that I had been interested in science, as well as using text in art works. I decided to use the pages from this book to create a surface treatment for my lamp. I then started to experiment with different ways to make the delicate paper stable enough to make a polyhedral structure. I chose to use rubber cement to dry mount the pages from the book to bristol paper, this gives each piece a different collage of text and medical drawings. In addition the paper becomes heavily saturated when light shines through.

In my artistic endeavors I chose to utilize concepts that involve simplified and well-crafted design. In this lamp design that I have titled illuminated Anatomy, I chose to highlight ideas regarding science and sustainable material. As you can see I used an old Grays Anatomy book as the focus of my design concept. I chose to sew each triangular panel together to create a polygon.  This polygon was created from a template and scaled in proportion from the original template. The stitches within the design provide stability, linking each triangle together.


I do not impose order into my designs, I simply allow the work to come together while I explore and learn.  The Anatomy book’s text displayed on each plane of the lamp creates a unifying balance, and rhythm to the straightforward polyhedral structure. In addition the text offers a continuity that leads the eye from one triangular plane to the next. The mathematical structure of the polygon creates symmetry, while the collaged medical illustrations counter the organization that the lamp’s polyhedral shape creates. The transitions between text and illustration give the lamp synergy as well as multiple areas of focus.