Serial Planes

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

My second project prior to forgetting my Duck:

This exploration was a study of serial planes inspired by the architecture of Zaha Hadid and her recent Exhibition at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

For our project we began with first creating three Maquettes out of foam core and card stock.  Each maquette was with a different criteria. The first of these was made of horizontal planes, curvilinear forms, biomorphic shapes and repetition. For this we  also and looked at examples of designer Ron Arad who utilizes a similar stream line style as architect Zaha Hadid.

provided on web site

The second maquette was made with horizontally arranged serial planes. The specified criteria was to : create a simple shape who’s two sides are at a right angle and the third side can vary as a straight edge. Depicting a gradual repetition in a sequenced progression from large to small.

And Finally, a third depicting gradual repetition in a sequenced progression from large to small. These  maquettes were then used to inform my larger project. But first I went back to doing some visual research. 

Although the work of Zaha Hadid and Ron Arad offer a great deal of inspiration. I chose to do  some research of other types of design that could fit this criteria. I feel that Deco Design offers a similar appeal in many ways as you can see below in this simple clock design and the pedant that serial planes are prevalent.

In addition to design elements such as these I looked at the work of artist Richard Serra. 


Barbara Hepworth

I also drew from my own thoughts of the ocean waves and smooth river stones to create my own architectonic design. The design is whimsical. I chose to keep it streamline, as all of the artist and designers that I researched did.  I used new  maquettes ( shown below) to design my larger finished project.

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