Modular Relief Design

Posted: March 14, 2012 in Uncategorized

The fist assignment in 3D design was to create a modular relief design out of index cards. The criteria was as follows,

Construct an experimental relief design from a repetition of modular paper units with a dimensional surface.  Your finished piece should hang as a paper fabrication that measures @ 36” wide x 72 “ long ( 1yd. x 2 yds. of fabrication) With a repetition of modular units attached with some kind of secure fastening  made of manipulated white paper planes incorporating some quality of surface texture”.

We worked on this project in pairs, I chose to work with Q who has some more experience with working with paper to create 3D objects. We started by experimenting with the index cards and looking for inspiring photos. like these :


We were inspired by fabrication made in fashion design. For example as you see below clothing made of paper offers a similar look.

We then began experimenting with the way the design would appear if it were in repetition by using sketches and about twenty index card cut outs.

It was simple for us to chose a design and cut out the pieces, with only a minor paper cut or two. The difficult moment came when we chose to use springs as fasteners. They were to heavy, fell apart easily and made messy black smudges on our paper. Not to mention that they are sharp and I stabbed myself in the finger.

the image below is similar looking to the springs that we had found at a local hardware store.

After a great deal of complaining Q and I decided that It would be best to switch from these evil springs to safety. We used pins like the ones below, in gold and silver they worked perfectly. The safety pins were light, fastened nicely, and kept the white paper crisp and clean.

Unfortunately our fabrication did not come out to be the size that we had planed. However, Its whimsical design and pattern work nicely in our modified version of the assignment.

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