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I Forgot my Duck at the Library!

Posted: February 25, 2012 in Uncategorized

Ok here it goes! i am new to blogging but I decided after a struggle with a lion, that I would stick to what I know… Ducks… The video titled, Decoy Duck  is of a wood carved duck decoy, much like the ones that I watched my grandfather make as a child. I can draw a decoy pattern from memory and visualize every aspect of this three dimensional design. I find my fond memories, this video and the pictures soon to follow to be inspiration for my design process This is the type of Duck that inspired my design

example of a duck decoy found on zandkantiques

The criteria for this project was inspired by a company called d-torso these animals made of paper materials are computer engineered and then lazer cut, check out the link … …My attempt is to do this with a ruler, exacto knife, and foam core.

The image below is an example of  my first attempt at creating a duck from paper:

All jokes aside, the process that I am using to create a duck of of foam core is a bit technical and requires some patience on my part. I began with drawings of duck decoys in my sketch book.

  I began working the drawings into design plans that include measurements for the basic structure. I then moved on to making templates out of Bristol paper.


I then used these templates to create a small prototype out of black foam core. The Choice of black foam core was based purely on curiosity. The 3d work that I have done previously has been in white which offers visibility to shadow and reflections. Although the shadow and reflections of white are lovely I am enjoying the playful idea of making a Black Duck. After all Black Ducks found in nature are not black at all.

This is the Drake American Black Duck

My very ruff version

as my duck progressed …

He finally became a perfect maquette and once That was finished I went to work with my best friend Coconut to create a final Black Duck.

And Here It is Finally complete 🙂